K-Secure VPN

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How secure are your network communications? When you send confidential information across the Internet, are you aware they can easily fall prey to eavesdroppers who may be just a few offices away, or one with a laptop computer in his car in the nearby parking lot playing with some wireless spying tool?

Whether you are a traveling professional who can really use an effective tool to protect your sensitive information, or a small to medium business owner who are looking for a solution to protect your business data across the Internet, K-Secure VPN can help.

What It Is

K-Secure VPN is a revolutionary network security solution that encrypts and compresses network traffic. With the VPN Server installed on computer A (possibly located in your main office) and a VPN Client running on computer B at anywhere across the world - that is, anywhere with Internet access - it guarantees all designated network connections between A and B are encrypted and thus free of the risk of being eavesdropped.

How It Works

When a network application running on a client machine (for example the Internet Explorer) connects to a service you want to protect (let's say the service is located at http://YourCompany.com), K-Secure VPN catches all of the data Internet Explorer tries to send out, compresses and encrypts them, and sends out the compressed and encrypted data to the corresponding K-Secure VPN server;

K-Secure VPN server decrypts all the data it receives from the client and connects to the protected service (at http://YourCompany.com) on behalf of Internet Explorer, passing the protected service all the decrypted data. If there is any information returned from the protected service, K-Secure VPN server encrypts it and passes it back to the client, which in turn passes all decrypted data to Internet Explorer.

As you can see from the above simplified description, security of the network traffic is achieved because there is no clear text transmission between Internet Explorer and the protected service. Now, K-Secure VPN becomes the middle man and any communication between the network application and its corresponding service are secured.

The protection offered by K-Secure VPN is not limited to the HTTP protocol. K-Secure VPN supports all TCP and UDP based network protocols such as HTTP, FTP, TELNET, POP, SMTP, etc.


  • Bulletproof Security K-Secure VPN employs strong and industry-standard encryption algorithms that are proven to be difficult to decrypt; in addition, K-Secure VPN compresses network traffic before they are put on the wire. Data transmitted between a K-Secure VPN Client and its corresponding K-Secure VPN Server are simply garbage to eavesdroppers;
  • Transparency With K-Secure VPN running on your system, existing network applications suddenly send and receive data in a secure environment - without themselves even knowing of it; there is no need to modify or reconfigure such network protocols and/or applications;
  • Coexistence However many layers of security you already have in your network, K-Secure VPN can be one additional layer on the top, bottom, or in the middle of your layers. The philosophy built into K-Secure VPN is not to dictate; but to cooperate. K-Secure VPN is friendly with your existing security mechanisms;
  • Lightning Fast Performance K-Secure VPN utilizes cutting-edge technologies to protect your network communications. The compression and encryption engines are so efficient they increase your network throughput in most cases;
  • Small Footprint K-Secure VPN is built from ground up to meet the most stringent requirements in today's computing environments. As a result only a tiny amount of resources is required in order for it to perform all the magic;
  • Outstanding Stability K-Secure VPN can be left alone to run all by itself once it is configured to your satisfaction. Install it, configure it, start it and forget about it - your network security is silently delivered once it is put in place;
  • Easy to Use It is ridiculously easy to install, configure and maintain K-Secure VPN, both on the server side and the client side. We have designed the software in such a way that even a novice computer user can quickly grasp the concept and becomes proficient with all the maintenance tasks in a short amount of time. Check out our Quick Start Tutorial for yourself;
  • Affordable After comparing K-Secure VPN features and capabilities with its competitors, you'll be surprised to find how inexpensive K-Secure VPN is. It is 100% software - no need for expensive hardware. It is inexpensive to purchase, inexpensive to deploy, and inexpensive to maintain. No "surprise" add-ons. K-Secure VPN is affordable, reliable and easy-to-use;

Supported Platforms

  • K-Secure VPN supports Microsoft Windows 2000 and later operating systems. These include Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003/2008, Vista, Windows 7 and other variations of the Windows operating systems;
  • K-Secure VPN runs natively on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems;
  • K-Secure VPN Server runs on Linux (ix86 architecture) in addition to the Windows systems;